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Kodak Starts Selling

Reuters is reporting that Eastman Kodak Co. is selling its online photo service business to Shutterfly for $23.8 million as part of its organized bankruptcy.

A pioneer in the photography business, Kodak fell behind in the market because it couldn’t keep up with current photographic trends that ultimately made their products insufficient to consumer demands. Unfortunately, it’s now selling one product that could have helped them move forward.

A quick disclosure: I do not use the Kodak photo service to print my photographs.

However, doesn’t it seem like this could have been a growth area for Kodak? I realize there isn’t a lot of money to be made in printing photographs these days, but couldn’t Kodak have tried to convince professional photographers to show off their shots there? Isn’t that who pretty much kept Kodak alive for so long?

Anyone feels they can be a photographer now, but wouldn’t you at least check out a Kodak-branded site that had pictures on it done by professionals? Wouldn’t semi-professional photographers clamor to be included at some point? Again, it’s not a ton of money but it at least keeps the Kodak name within photography circles.

Single Chili vs. Married Chili

I learned to make chili from my mom, who makes one of the best chilis I’ve ever had. I used to make it all the time when I was single and living on my own because what guy doesn’t like to eat chili as much as possible?

It’s a very basic recipe that consists of ground beef, onion, garlic, tomato paste, beef stock, and a few spices all served over white rice. It’s delicious, I love it.

I rarely make it anymore. I am married now and the straight up meat-chili just doesn’t do it for my wife, who likes to eat crazy things like vegetables. I made chili for us last night and let’s just say it’s a bit different than my old standard.

Ingredients: ground turkey, onion, garlic, carrots, celery, red beans, black beans, chicken stock, and a few spices all served over brown rice.

We actually joke about it because I refuse to call it chili. I tell her it’s closer to a salad than chili.

I’m not actually joking about it.

Bloggin’ Ain’t Easy

I think about things to write all day long. Whether it’s something I saw on TV that made me say “woah, that’s cool” or something I read that made me think “wait, that’s not right,” I constantly think about writing. I think it’s the best way to figure out how I stand on things because it makes me think and focus on a particular topic.

My problem is that I’m not constantly writing. Starting to write has simply become difficult for me. I enjoy writing, or at least I think I do. I probably enjoy people reading and responding to my writing more but ultimately I need to actually write to get that response.

“They” say that you should blog about what you know or things you love. It will make you a better blogger if you just sit down every day and spew out a few words. It doesn’t have to be a 10,000 word odyssey through your decision on why you ate raisin bran this morning and not frosted flakes.

And there is an audience out there for whatever you want to write about. People love cereal and some people love reading about cereal. You just have to find those people. Easier said than done, I know.

But not being able to instantly find that audience shouldn’t stop you from writing. Writing more makes you a better writer in the long run.

I hope I can avoid the difficulty of starting and write more often. We shall see.

Read All Your Favorite Blogs in One Place

Read All Your Favorite Blogs in One Place.

via Read All Your Favorite Blogs in One Place.

This is really interesting – I feel like WordPress is moving away doing what they do best and trying to emulate Tumblr.