Splitting My Twitter Feed

by Andrew

Let me start off by saying that I love Twitter.  I think it’s a wonderful tool that provides hours of non-stop entertainment and knowledge.  As of today, I follow 294 twitter accounts (I was going to say people, but some of them are corporate accounts and corporations are not people, no matter what Mitt Romney says).  The accounts I follow cover a number of different industries, such as sports, politics, entertainment, food and space exploration.  I am a very curious person and always want to learn about new things.

But sports has always been my biggest interest and it’s gotten so big that I’ve decided to separate it from the rest of my life.  This blog was the first step (my old blog kingmorland.com was mostly about sports) and a new twitter account is the next.  I have some friends who follow me that care nothing about sports and I feel that I simply clog their timelines with my sports rants; now they can go to my new account for my non-sports blathering.

I love to write and will try to do a lot of it here.  It’s easier for me to write about sports and I’ve challenged myself to expand what I am comfortable putting on paper (which is really on a screen via a keyboard).  That’s where this blog comes in.

Part of my writing here will be about how I use the Internet, Twitter included.  I have always been interested in Twitter’s “Follow Friday,” but never found it particularly useful because it’s just a bunch of people using 140 characters on Twitter account names with no explanation as to why I would follow them.  I decided that I will take the time to explain why I follow the people I do and if you think they sound interesting, go ahead and follow them.  It’s that simple.

I currently follow ten people, all of them are friends or family.  I will recommend a few in another post.