Five I Follow on Twitter, Tech Edition (Part One)

by Andrew

I’ve previously written about how unhelpful I find most Follow Friday posts on Twitter because no one ever says why you should follow the people they are “recommending.”  With so many people on Twitter and a finite number of people a human can keep track of, wouldn’t it help to find out why you should follow someone?

I think so and I will be writing posts each Friday with my suggestions and a brief description of that person or why I think you should also follow them.  If you think there is someone else I should follow based on who I am recommending, I would love suggestions.  The follower numbers below are as of the writing of this post.

@TechCrunch (1,825,598 followers) – the #1 blog on the internet that specializes in technology.  They cover everything from startups to new devices to changes on Facebook that everyone hates until they realize it’s better.  If you’re at all interested in technology, you should follow TechCrunch.

@Verge (21,939 followers) – The Verge is a developing technology blog that is currently housed at, but will launch on this fall.  If the mess at AOL ultimately kills off TechCrunch, The Verge will be there to happily replace them.  The site was created in conjunction with the geniuses over at SBNation, a sports blog network.

@Mashable (2,497,814 followers) – Another technology blog that covers a lot of the same news that TechCrunch and The Verge do.  If you’re going to follow the other two, you should follow Mashable as well, just in case something slips through the cracks (like the new iPhone).

@Pogue (1,389,987 followers) – David Pogue is a technology columnist at the New York Times and is a humungous Apple-homer.  I fall into the latter category.  His reviews of products are always very thorough and he adds in a splice of humor which makes reading his work even more enjoyable.

@cdixon (34,809 followers) – Chris Dixon is currently the CEO of, an extraordinary recommendation website.  He is also an investor in a number of different startups and has extensive knowledge of Silicon Valley, venture capital, angel investing and startups.  As someone who would love to work at a startup, I think he’s an excellent resource for information.