Kodak Starts Selling

by Andrew

Reuters is reporting that Eastman Kodak Co. is selling its online photo service business to Shutterfly for $23.8 million as part of its organized bankruptcy.

A pioneer in the photography business, Kodak fell behind in the market because it couldn’t keep up with current photographic trends that ultimately made their products insufficient to consumer demands. Unfortunately, it’s now selling one product that could have helped them move forward.

A quick disclosure: I do not use the Kodak photo service to print my photographs.

However, doesn’t it seem like this could have been a growth area for Kodak? I realize there isn’t a lot of money to be made in printing photographs these days, but couldn’t Kodak have tried to convince professional photographers to show off their shots there? Isn’t that who pretty much kept Kodak alive for so long?

Anyone feels they can be a photographer now, but wouldn’t you at least check out a Kodak-branded site that had pictures on it done by professionals? Wouldn’t semi-professional photographers clamor to be included at some point? Again, it’s not a ton of money but it at least keeps the Kodak name within photography circles.