I am not quite sure what I should be writing on this page.  This blog is essentially my thoughts and reflections on certain things that I experience or ideas and thoughts that pop into my head.  So should this “About” page be focused on what I write about or should it be about me?

If it’s about the blog itself, then I suppose I could say that this blog is going to be filled with words that I’ve written.  I have written other blogs, although those are almost exclusively about sports.  This one will not be.

If this page is supposed to be about me, then I guess I can share a little.  I was born and raised in New York City.  That’s usually the first thing I tell people when they ask me about myself.  I am incredibly proud of this, which is weird since I had nothing to do with it (thank you to my parents, who did).  To those of you who are reading this that did not grow up in New York City: no, it wasn’t weird growing up there.

I have a beautiful wife and an incredibly wonderful son.  They are my inspiration in life.