Five I Follow on Twitter, Political Edition

@ryanlizza (7,227 followers) – Lizza is the washington correspondent for The New Yorker, one of the best magazines still published.  His profiles are always strong and he has an incredible depth to his writing.  A must read.

@thefix (89,201 followers) – Chris Cillizza runs The Fix blog for The Washington Post and is the smartest person I can find regarding elections.  His running blogs and tweets of the latest presidential debates have been hilarious and fantastic.

@ezraklein (100,503 followers) – Klein is a blogger and columnist for The Washington Post, who focuses on the economy and fed policy.  He loves charts and writes a wonderful daily blog called Wonkblog.  He often uses those charts to call politicians liars, which they all are.

@chrislhayes (51,550 followers) – Chris Hayes is the Editor at Large at The Nation and now hosts his own show on MSNCB called “Up with Chris Hayes.”  His progressive political views occasionally fall in line with my own and he is very straightforward with his opinions.

@fivethirtyeight (100,725 followers) – The FiveThirtyEight Blog on the website of The New York Times is run by Nate Silver, who is an absolute master of statistics.  His predictions of elections is absurdly strong and uses strong matrices to prove his findings.